Justine Melman
ED, Digital Strategy
Cineplex Entertainment
Justine Melman

Personal Backgroud

As an early adopter of the web, Justine developed a passion for the online space and knew she had to be part of this new wave. After completing her education, she launched her internet company, MyVirtuaLife.com, in 2000. Part entertainment site, part loyalty program, MyVirtuaLife was a standout in its class. Justine oversaw creative development and helped drive business development and marketing initiatives. 

Justine moved on to Holt Renfrew, where she was responsible for all interactive marketing, including the evolution of the website, CRM and in-store digital displays.   Sticking with established Canadian brands, Justine then took a role at the Globe and Mail, working on user experience, new CRM programs and digital marketing. Justine’s next opportunity was at eBay, one of the giants of the internet. Her role on the marketing team had her involved with varying projects, including managing eBay’s co-branded credit card program, leading key seasonal marketing campaigns and driving the implementation of multi-variate testing and third-party advertising initiatives. Consulting work followed, allowing Justine to help drive social media and marketing strategies for clients including EchoAge, WeMuv and Nevele Inc. From there, Justine went to Ally, an innovative newcomer in the financial services industry where she was responsible for brand and advertising.   This led to Yahoo Canada, where Justine became the Head of Consumer Marketing, leading local, national and global programs.

Today, Justine is the Executive Director of Digital Strategy for Cineplex Entertainment, overseeing consumer strategy for some of Cineplex’s key digital properties as well as driving the marketing strategy for the Cineplex Store and the company’s social media presence.

Business Success

As a client-side marketer, Justine has developed a reputation for being highly innovative and successful with minimal resources. Whether it’s maximizing reach, optimizing internal and agency resources or creating meaningful engagement, Justine is able to stretch budgets to gain the utmost output and efficiencies.   She is a hands-on leader who equips her teams with the fortitude and confidence needed to achieve ongoing success.

Marketing Innovation

A few of the many examples of Justine’s proficiency in building business through marketing innovation include:

  • Launching the Globe and Mail’ss first SEM campaigns, promoting the provincial elections and the Olympics.
  • Growing a brands Facebook audience through focused ad spending and creative optimization, resulting in 1025% increase above goal.
  • Engaging users and growing brand awareness through innovative marketing programs, including a fantasy hockey pool and a national awards show
  • A wholly new radio sponsorship program that delivered content to target markets through trusted program hosts, reaching 50%+ of the population in each area
  • Canada’s first simultaneous live yoga event, with coast-to-coast sessions in Toronto and Vancouver and a live stream for participation at a national level. This campaign generated 22+ million impressions, 326k video views and over 154k engagements
  • An experiential stunt campaign designed to improve brand affinity and connect with users in surprising and entertaining ways, which helped the company achieve its highest-ever engagement rate on social media.

Accolades or Acknowledgements

While at Yahoo, Justine was recognized with a highly coveted award for campaign excellence and flawless execution.


Justine is dedicated to giving back to the community. She did a year-long volunteer internship at The Hospital for Sick Children, working with a pediatric oncology psychologist. She spent five years on the committee for the Pediatric Oncology of Ontario’s (POGO) annual gala, two of them as the chairperson of the after-party.   She was also a member of POGOs Leadership Connection and organized the Block Party for POGO event. For the past two years, Justine has worked as a social media advisor and gala committee member for THREE TO BE, this year taking on the added role of chair of the silent auction.