This category was designed to honour those individuals who, through philanthropy or academic position, have provided others with the opportunity, inspiration or ability to pursue excellence in the Canadian Marketing environment.

Dr. Richard Peddie

Winner 2016

Richard Peddie's entire life has been about leading with strong core values, building  enterprise value and creating excellent places to work.

Whether it was president of Hostess, Pillsbury, SkyDome, NetStar or Maple Leafs Sports & Entertainment he always delivered tremendous financial value to those companies by having a clear leadership vision and consistently living strong corporate values.

A graduate of the University of Windsor business school (today the Odette school of business) he joined Colgate in sales and marketing. He then moved on to General Foods (today Kraft  Foods) where he moved rapidly through their marketing department and became a Vice president at 29 years of age.  He then became president of GF's Hostess Foods division. In 1985 he left Hostess to become the president and CEO of  Pillsbury Canada, where during his tenure the company generated record growth and was recognized as one of Canada's "100 Best Companies".  Peddie also received the Donald B McCaskill award for Marketing Excellence in Canada for his successful marketing  strategies and strong  business results while at Pillsbury.

In 1989, after 19 years in consumer products, Peddie accepted the position of  president and CEO of the SkyDome (today the Rogers Centre).  During his four years there he helped host more than 1000 events and entertain almost 30 million guests.  SkyDome was chosen as the North American Stadium of the Year four consecutive years and Peddie was honoured as the North American Facility Manager of the Year in 1992.  While at SkyDome Peddie teamed up with Larry Tanenbaum and applied for a NBA franchise for Toronto.  Their application resulted in the NBA coming to Canada but they lost out on their bid for the  franchise to a competing group,

Peddie then became the president and COO of NetStar Communications (TSN, RDS, Discovery Channel).  In July 1995 he was one of the key individuals in a management- led consortium that purchased the company.  While at NetStar he launched Canada's first sports website 

In late 1996 Peddie was named as the president and CEO of the Toronto Raptors, thus fulfilling a dream to one day run a basketball team.  A dream that he first had while at the University of Windsor in the late sixties. In 1998 the Maple Leafs bought the Raptors and created Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment with Peddie as the president and CEO.

Richard was president and CEO of MLSE for fourteen very busy years.  From building Air Canada Centre and BMO Field,  launching Leafs tv, Raptors tv and buying Gol tv;  to bringing Major League Soccer to Canada and launching TFC;  to building the $500 million dollar Maple Leaf square; Peddie helped grow the company from an enterprise value of $300 Million to $2 Billion. He did this by consistently  practicing 4 core values: excite every fan, inspire our people, dedicated to our teams and by being leaders in the community.  

A proud native of Windsor, Peddie graduated from the University of Windsor in 1970 and received an honorary doctorate from the institution in 2001. Dr Peddie is actively involved in the Richard Peddie Leadership Initiative at the Odette school of business where he helps  the school successfully create 21st Century Leaders. Today Peddie is very focused on city building. He works actively as the Vice Chairman of the Toronto Foundation (connecting philanthropy to community needs and opportunities),  His wife Colleen and him have their own Peddie Foundation aimed at assisting city youth.

He has published a best selling book on leadership entitled "Dream Job" and his second book "21 Leadership Lessons" is available in stores and in Ebooks now.



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Marshall McLuhan

Winner 2015

Known as the father of modern media studies, the late Marshall McLuhan was a progressive and controversial figure who predicted the creation of the internet 30 years before its existence. McLuhan famously coined the term “global village” in his 1962 best-seller The Gutenberg Galaxy. His groundbreaking 1964 book Understanding Media introduced one of McLuhan's most paradigm-shifting concepts: The Medium is the Message. In today’s fastpaced, media and technology-driven world, McLuhan’s work is more relevant than ever before.

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Syd Kessler

Winner 2014

Syd began as a writer for Chuck Blore Creative Services. During the 60’s and 70’s, this company was considered to be the #1 creative radio commercial production company in the U.S. In 1970-71, Hatus/Hall– the producers of the legendary game show “Let’s Make A Deal”– hired him to develop a game show (“The Crosswits”) styled after a crossword puzzle. This show ran on ABC for 6 seasons.

Then Syd started his own business and was president of Kessler Productions between 1974-78, producing and writing creative radio commercials exclusively for the Canadian marketplace. The company continued to grow and Syd took in other partners. The company changed its name to Kessler Music Inc. and Syd served as president until 1981, when he merged with the two top audio production companies in Canada and became the dominant player in the marketplace. This new company was called The Air Company and Syd was its president from 1981 to 1988. In this period, the company won Canadian and International awards such as the I.B.A.s, The Bessies, The One Show, etc.

In 1988, John Labatt Ltd., a multinational Canadian corporation, with over $3 billion Cdn. in revenue, joint ventured with Kessler Music to create a new entity called Supercorp. Starting revenues of this company was $10 million. In four years the revenues rose to $150 million. Supercorp dominated the commercial production business, this time in all aspects of advertising production. Supercorp owned the following premiere enterprises: HYP&N, The Partners Film Company and all its subsidiaries, The Animation House, Sounds Interchange Recording Studios, The Air Company. Supercorp controlled 68% of all advertising production in Canada and 2% of the TV commercial production business in the U.S. Aside from his senior management responsibilities as President and CEO, Syd also consulted in the Retail sector of Advertising and became known as a respected specialist/problem solver, working with such clients as Saffer Advertising, Black’s Photography, Esso, Carson Pierie, Towers, etc. During this time, Syd was the creative marketing force behind the new positioning of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Their “GO PUBLIC” campaign was conceived and produced by him.

Following a change in corporate direction at Labatt’s in 1994, Syd sold his shares in Supercorp and started a new company called The Kessler Group.

The Kessler Group was created to address a growing need in the advertising community to move away from the broadcast advertising model, with its inherent inability to deliver measurable results, to a new advertising model called narrowcasting. Narrowcasting takes advantage of new digital technologies’ ability to cost-effectively tailor advertising messages to individuals, producing improved and fully measurable results.

Syd’s ability to integrate his normative (non-digital) marketing expertise with his advanced digital skills put him at the leading edge of this marketing shift. The Kessler Group secured contracts with such notable American firms as Dow Jones, Walmart and US West.

As digital technologies further penetrated traditional markets, the need to understand and take advantage of them created opportunities at the strategic level of major corporations. To meet this need, Syd became Co-Director of KPMG e-commerce practice in 1997. This Toronto based business unit assisted corporations and their senior leadership teams in gaining a better understanding (strategically and tactically) of their company’s place in the new digital economy. Its core focus was on issues such as branding, online marketing, customer experience and digital business extension.

Having recently been inducted into The Marketing Hall of Legends, Syd now spends his time identifying, investing and then mentoring new businesses and organizations. He is an investor in Brand Voice Inc., Rocket Boys Inc., Radio Free Canada Inc., Mystery Box Media, Wunderkind Inc., Scientific Intelligence Inc., L'Institut Idée, and Niche (Niche).

He is a founding member of NABS, the National Advertising Benevolent Society, which looks after the well-being of advertising professionals, and founding member of Kids Help Phone.

Syd is also a published author, having written four books, including The Perfect System (Stoddart Publishing), which describes his unique personal story and business philosophy, his follow-up, The Perfect System of Parenting (Bastian Books), The Master Builder, co-written with Michael Berg, and Vibes, co-written with David Morrison, on the topic of consciousness and behaviour.

Syd Kessler - MHOL 2014 Mentor

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Stefan Danis

Winner 2013

With 25 years of experience in executive recruiting, Stéfan Danis’ accomplishments include leading hundreds of executive searches, recruiting more than 25 presidents of marketing agencies, co-leading the growth of one of Canada’s largest search firms and co-founding the Canadian Marketing Hall of Legends.


Outside of work, Stéfan frequently lectures at universities to help the next generation of professionals prepare for their career and was awarded the Paul Mulvihill Humanitarian award in recognition of his work with charities. He is also a best-selling author and his book Gobi Runner appeared on Amazon’s top 10 list of motivational books.


Stefan’s legacy is to inspire individuals to “go for it” and to help build the resilience of the younger generation, who he says, too frequently has it a little too easy.

Stefan Danis - MHOL 2013 Mentor

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Paula Gignac

Winner 2012

Past President of IAB Canada & former Vice President of Rogers Women’s Group of Websites

Paula Gignac, recent past President of IAB Canada, and former Vice President of Rogers Women’s Group of Websites, is recognized throughout the industry — not only as a pioneering Web Publisher — but also as an award-winning author of Digital marketing programs for clients as diverse as AirMiles, GlaxoSmithKline, Ford, Proctor + Gamble, Hershey, etc. With more than 16 years of experience in the medium, and an unmatched record of helping clients achieve success in the Online arena, she was also creator and chief instructor of IAB Canada’s Intensive, One-Day Course in Interactive Marketing + Online Advertising. Following the tremendous success of IAB Canada’s Intensive One-Day Course In Interactive Marketing + Online Advertising, Gignac developed similarly-successful, industry-leading One-Day Courses in Social Media, Paid Search, SEO and Mobile Marketing as well.

During her time at Rogers, Gignac launched one of the first sponsored microsites; the first “viral” e-mail marketing program (Throw Like A Girl); and, the first Pre-Roll Online Video campaign in Canada. Paula also grew’s audience numbers to levels that rivaled iVillage and Oprah’s Network, and subsequently turned into one of Canada’s first profitable Media Websites.

In 2003, a year before Gignac took on the leadership role with IAB Canada, the Internet’s share of advertising in Canada was 2% and the IAB’s Annual General Meeting had a dismal showing of less than twenty attendees. A year later in 2004, and just two short months into her role as IAB Canada’s Executive Director, IAB Canada’s AGM was standing room only. A year after that, the Internet doubled its share of total Canadian advertising dollars to 4%, and in 2010 (the last year for which IAB Canada data is available), stood at $2.1 Billion and 16% of total Canadian media spend.

Online, Paula launched many of the first and most successful forays onto the Web for the Canadian offices of blue-chip brand giants such as Ford, P+G, Kraft, Hershey, Conagra, Parmalat and GlaxoSmithKline, and won major marketing awards for her Clients both within Canada and internationally. Gignac’s industry-leading Interactive acumen was recognized back as early as 2001, when she was selected to appear on the cover of Backbone Magazine. Gignac was also one of the first Digital marketers to appear on the cover of Marketing Magazine as well.

After leaving Rogers in 2003 Gignac launched and taught the first-ever Canadian Certificate In Interactive Marketing + Online Advertising for IAB Canada -- a 16-week Course created in association with Atkinson Faculty Of Liberal + Professional Studies at York University – to a total of 80 students.

In the four years since its inception, IAB Canada’s Intensive One-Day Course In Interactive Marketing + Online Advertising has now been taught, by Gignac, to almost 2,000 professionals. Following the tremendous success of IAB Canada’s Intensive One-Day Course In Interactive Marketing + Online Advertising, Gignac developed similarly-successful, industry-leading Social Media, Paid Search, SEO and Mobile Marketing Courses to add to  IAB Canada’s line-up, and in the process, helped launch the careers of a variety of industry speakers as well.    

Despite her busy schedule, Paula has also managed to dovetail a number of philanthropic endeavours with key IAB Canada initiatives: including allowing five key Canadian charities to access free Online ad inventory as part of IAB Canada's PSA Program For Late Creative since 2008; designating key IAB Canada conferences as "Carbon Neutral" and offsetting the energy utilized and waste generated from these events through plantings with Tree Canada; and most recently, by allowing IAB Canada Members to show off their Digital marketing expertise in programs developed for and donated to the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC).
Gignac has also taught Interactive Marketing within the Masters Certificate in Marketing Communications Management at Toronto’s Schulich Executive Education Centre (SEEC); and her expertise was recently recognized by the twenty-four countries that make up the global IAB network, where she was asked to present Best Practices In Industry Education at the esteemed Interac Conference in Belgium in 2009.

Originally trained as a Wildlife Biologist specializing in “optimal foraging”, Gignac’s perspective on Interactive is about as yin-yang as it gets… Add in her turns as a writer and an artist -- authoring articles for magazines as diverse as Fuse and Flare; winning a Studio Magazine Award for her photography before she had even completed her degree at Ryerson Polytechnical Institute; directing the short film Excess Is What I Came For; and, producing Glove (as part of InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre’s first all-female Digital art installation show entitled Game Girls) – and you understand why a legacy of innovation and excellence extends throughout Gignac’s career.

Paula Gignac - MHOL 2012 Mentor

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Jim Barnes

Winner 2011

Professor Emeritus at Memorial University, now principal at BMAI Strategy

Jim Barnes is an internationally-recognized educator, author, speaker, and consultant on subjects relating to marketing and the building of customer relationship strategy. He has been a teacher for more than 40 years, was co-founder of a successful marketing services company, has written or coauthored eight books, and has served as consultant to many national and international companies. He has been a university professor, researcher and dean, and has lectured at universities around the world. He is a thought leader on customer strategy, the creation of genuine customer loyalty, and the establishment of meaningful customer experiences.

Jim was Professor of Marketing at Memorial University of Newfoundland from 1968 until his retirement in August 2009 and served as the first Dean of Business Administration (1978-1988). During his tenure as Dean, Memorial University established its MBA program, the Centre for Management Development, the Associates Program, and the first university-based centre for entrepreneurship in Canada. He has been a visiting professor at universities in Canada, England, Australia, France and Ireland. In 1977, he co-founded Bristol Group, a Canadian full-service marketing firm that now has well over 100 employees in four offices, including Qatar. He served as Chairman of Bristol until 2004.

Jim advises clients in North America and Europe on building customer strategy, customer insight, and the measurement of customer loyalty. He helps companies create more profitable relationships with their customers and clients. He regularly addresses sales and management groups around the world, delivering keynote speeches and hands-on workshops in China, Turkey, Singapore, Australia, India, Brazil, Colombia, Ireland, the UK, the US, and many other countries. Through his consultancy company, Barnes Marketing Associates Inc, he offers consulting services to clients in Canada and abroad. Since 2001, he has served as a member of the distinguished panel of international experts at, where he offers advice on customer strategy through the Internet to more than 300,000 members worldwide.

Jim Barnes has developed a reputation for measuring the unmeasurable. In the early 1990s, intrigued with the emerging field of relationship marketing, Jim was concerned that many companies continued to rely on conventional approaches to market research and on simplistic measures such as customer satisfaction. With the involvement of the Royal Bank of Canada, he set out to develop a methodology to measure the strength of a company’s relationship with its customers. The resulting Barnes Relationship Equity Index is a multidimensional diagnostic tool that has been used by many companies in Europe and North America, including Tesco plc, Ivanhoe Cambridge, Eircom (Ireland), Bell Aliant, Eli Lilly-Elanco, and CIBC. That pioneering work has led to further projects that involve the construction of complex customer loyalty models for client companies.
Jim Barnes has published and presented more than 100 papers in international journals and at conferences around the world. The paper “The Almost Customer: a missed opportunity to enhance corporate success”, published in Managing Service Quality, and coauthored with then-MBA students Brian King and Gordon Breen, was recognized by Emerald Literati Network as one of the 50 best management articles published world-wide in 2004.

Jim has also written eight books, including Build Your Customer Strategy: a guide to creating profitable customer relationships, published in 2006 by John Wiley & Sons; and Secrets of Customer Relationship Management: it’s all about how you make them feel, published in 2001 by McGraw-Hill. His management books have been translated into many languages. His marketing textbook, Marketing: a customer-centric approach, coauthored with Monty Sommers, has been continuously published since 1972 and is now in its 11th edition. His book, Research for Marketing Decisions, published by McGraw-Hill Ryerson in 1991, was the first indigenous Canadian marketing research textbook.

Jim Barnes has had the privilege of working with many national and international companies, including IKEA International, AstraZeneca Canada, Royal Bank of Canada, Genzyme Canada, Ivanhoe Cambridge, Roche Pharmaceuticals (Ireland), Bell Aliant, Xerox (USA), Tesco plc (UK), Eircom (Ireland), Eli Lilly/Elanco, HSBC (Turkey), Kraft Foods Canada, Siebel Systems (Canada and Portugal), Serca-SYSCO Canada, CIBC, Molson, McGraw-Hill Ryerson, Royal Bank of Scotland, Toyota Canada, Stratos Global, An Post (Ireland), Purity Life Health Products, Starwood Hotels and Resorts, Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Verafin, and Johnson Insurance.

He has served as a member of the board of directors of three publicly-traded companies: McGraw-Hill Ryerson, Newfoundland Power, and NewTel Communications. He served for ten years as a member of the Board of Governors of the Institute of Canadian Bankers and was Chairman of the Board of the Canadian Saltfish Corporation, a Canadian crown corporation.
In 1997, Jim received the inaugural Leaders in Management Education Award from the Financial Post, and in 1999 he was named a Fellow of the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association of Canada. He received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Alumni Association of Memorial University of Newfoundland in 2005. He holds degrees in Commerce and Economics from Memorial University, an MBA from the Harvard Business School, and a PhD from the University of Toronto.

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Marlene Hore

Winner 2010

Partners and Edell

When you’re making advertising, the biggest risk you take is the risk of being ignored. So break the rules, scare yourself, never play it safe. That’s what Jack Bush, Marlene’s first agency boss at Vickers and Benson Montreal, told her in 1969. Marlene took Jack’s credo to heart, and as she became a mentor, imparted it to others. Within a generation, she would take her place among the most influential personalities in Canadian advertising.

In 1969, Marlene left V&B for JWT Montreal, where her work on Red Rose, Pepsi, and Kraft earned her a clutch of Canadian and international awards. One of her Red Rose spots has been voted one of the 100 Best Canadian TV Commercials Ever. “Only in Canada, you say?”

The mother ship in Toronto began to take notice of their hot little shop in Quebec and Marlene was promoted to Montreal Creative Director in 1976. Seven years later, she was offered the position of Vice Chair, National Creative Director in Toronto. She took the job – rather, she embraced it and transformed it. Under her stewardship as the first female creative director in Canadian advertising, JWT Toronto was named Agency of the Year – not once, but twice. In 1986 Marlene, by then Vice Chair of Canada, joined the JWT Worldwide Board of Directors, the first woman ever to sit at that table.

Marlene briefly left advertising for politics and went to work on the 1993 Liberal campaign, which saw Jean Chrétien elected. She also partnered with Bruce Mau on the Barnes Exhibit campaign. In 1994 she started The Ongoing Partnership with three other partners. After eight years, Marlene and her creative partner, Art Director John Speakman, joined forces with Dennis Edell at Partners+Edell.

Marlene has donated her expertise, mentoring skills and enthusiasm to many endeavours beyond agency life. She taught advertising hopefuls at OCAD and George Brown, lectured at University of Toronto, York University, Humber College, and Syracuse University. Marlene has served on the Board of Directors at NABS, The Art Directors Club of Canada, George Brown College, The United Way and most recently Word Play a new charity dealing with childhood literacy. She has chaired the Marketing Awards and The Bessies, and judged these and other Canadian and international award shows more times than she can count.

Many of the people Marlene has mentored – writers, art directors, account managers and clients – have also risen to the top of their professions, perhaps because they learned along the way that, in the business of advertising, taking risks is one of the keys to success.

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Allan Kazmer

Winner 2009

Allan Kazmer’s successful career in the advertising business began at the age of 19, as a junior copywriter for an insurance company in Detroit. In 1968, he made the move to Canada and from there his innate talent fueled his passion as an ad writer and later as one of Canada’s most successful creative directors and mentors.

Retired for the past 14 years, Allan was Senior Vice President and Creative Director of Doyle Dane Bernbach (later DDB Needham Canada) for over 14 years. As a Creative Writer/ Director, Allan thrived on fostering a safe and encouraging environment for young and talented creative minds, where they could flourish in the industry. As a mentor, Allan emphasized positive, thoughtful risk taking and collaborative creativity.

Allan’s proudest accomplishments throughout his lengthy career, included seeing many of the young people he worked with go on to become some of Canada’s most successful award winning creative marketers. Most are currently running the creative departments of major international agencies or running their own agencies.

In 1989, Allan was asked to create the first advertising writing course to be taught at the Ontario College of Art & Design, a course he taught for 14 years, until retiring three years ago. As an Associate Professor at OCAD, Allan helped students develop the skills the advertising and marketing community needed in order to succeed in the industry.

Throughout Allan’s career, he has won hundreds of national and international awards and as a Creative Director; he has helped others achieve similar levels of success.
With the amount of success that Allan has achieved throughout his professional career, it would be impossible to list every award he has received. Instead, his most memorable and proudest accomplishments are included.

In 1966, Allan won his first award for a magazine campaign for Chevrolet Division at General Motors. The award was the Certificate of Merit from the Detroit Art Directors’ Club, in recognition of the “Soap Box Derby Campaign.”

In 1975, in recognition of a Ritz Crackers Print Campaign, Allan won the One Show – Gold Pencil award. Before his retirement, Allan’s work and the work of his agency were honored on an annual basis at the Communication Arts Awards.

Allan’s most treasured award was given to him in 1989 — The Les Usherwood Lifetime Achievement Award, for his demonstrated excellence in the field of communications arts.
Throughout the late 1980′s, Allan’s work and the work of his agency always had great success at the Marketing Awards. This success also followed him to the Hollywood Radio & TV Awards, as well as winning over half a dozen Clio Awards over the course of his career.

In 1992, Allan won a Bronze Medal for the VW Eurovan campaign at the Cannes Lions and Merit Awards. He collaborated with Marta Cutler, who wrote the script and Duncan, who was art director. He also won several awards of merit at The One Show. Finally in 1994, Allan won the Fritz Speiss Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the Canadian Advertising Industry.

Allan Kazmer’s career spanned decades filled with many remarkable achievements and awards. Even in retirement, Allan is still admired as one of the most successful Creative Directors and advertising mentors in Canadian history.

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Peter Zarry

Winner 2008

Schulich School of Business, York University

Peter T. Zarry was one of Canada’s best-known advertising personalities. He worked on both the agency and client side of the advertising business, in both industry and government, and as a professor/lecturer at both York University and the industry’s CAAP program.

Peter was born in 1933 in Victoria, B.C. and raised there. After graduating with a B.Comm. from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ont., he joined Sun Life as an insurance salesman. Two years later, he returned university (the University of Western Ontario) and received an MBA. He then spent three years in brand management with Procter & Gamble.
Peter then moved to the agency side, joining J. Walter Thompson as Account Executive. Three years later, at age 28, he became the youngest VP and General Manager in the JWT organization. Management’s confidence in Peter paid off; he was instrumental in changing the agency’s business orientation and doubling the size of its annual billings within a few short years.

Then, Peter went to Louisville, Kentucky to be the International Director of Marketing for Kentucky Fried Chicken. From there, he was hired away by JWT in Chicago, and later ran some JWT operations in Europe, based in London.

Peter was been interested in teaching and accordingly, spent several years in the doctoral program at Northwestern University in Chicago. Returning to Toronto, he took a position as Professor of Marketing at York University.

After three years at York, Peter moved back to the agency business. He joined Spitzer, Mills and Bates as President, a position he held for five years. Subsequently, he was transferred to Europe as Chairman and CEO of Ted Bates in England, Europe and the Middle East. A return to Canada was in the cards, however, and Peter subsequently became Chairman of the Advertising Management Group, the body responsible for overseeing all federal government advertising.

In 1988, Peter took over as Executive Director of York University’s Division of Executive Development, where he remained until his death in July 2001. At the university, Peter took a unit of modest size and scope, and built it into one of the largest and most successful in the country, and one of the most innovative in North America. In the process, he provided the opportunity for thousands of men and women to expand their capabilities and their extend their careers. Through demonstrated success at York and his advocacy of the need for quality executive education, he changed the face of executive education in Canada. When reflecting on Peter’s countless contributions to Schulich, the thoughts that come to mind include savvy strategist, entrepreneur, and passionate educator.

Peter edited Advertising in Canada, published by McGraw-Hill Ryerson. It was the first comprehensive textbook that emphasized the practical aspects of the advertising business, and the first that was written from a specifically Canadian perspective.

Peter’s interest in developing and motivating young people entering the advertising business is well known throughout the country. He helped develop the Communications and Advertising Accredited Professional (CAAP) program and was its director for more that five years. Over his career, he lectured and taught more than 6,000 students in university and CAAP. Indeed, ‘Zarry graduates’ are often described as achievers who combine integrity and leadership with business acumen, and many have gone on to become senior managers in the advertising industry.

Like most good and creative thinkers, Peter was also an iconoclast – willing and able to challenge conventional wisdom and discuss the human condition in new and innovative ways. All in all, he was the multi-talented, hardworking, widely known, and respected man whom some people consider the father of contemporary advertising in Canada.

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Rupert Brendon

Winner 2007

Institute of Communication & Advertising

Rupert Brendon began his 40+ year advertising career in account management at Boase Massimi Pollitt/DDB and McCann Erickson in London before he came to Canada in 1967. He eventually became Chairman and CEO at DMB&B Canada – a position he held for sixteen years. The agency had been very small, but he took it to being a contender for the top ten by making “communications effectiveness” a single-minded goal. He was the author and editor of DMB&B’s best-practice summaries (The Pocketpieces), which eventually ran to seventy-nine subjects. As a sign of their value, they were snapped up by his competitors and used for internal training.

In 1983, Rupert founded NABS Canada, a charitable organization that offers assistance, financial and otherwise, to advertising and media professionals who are ill, injured or unemployed. To date, NABS has distributed over $7 million and helped thousands with retraining services.

In 1993, he was the catalyst that created the Cassies, an Annual awards show that recognizes Canadian advertising, that drove results, proven via rigorously written, judged and published cases.

In 1996, Rupert left DMB&B to assume the role of president and CEO of the ICA, Canada’s national association representing advertising agencies in a wide variety of issues and activities.

More recently, he has spearheaded the Marketing Communications Education Trust (MCET) in an effort to raise the $2.5 million necessary to establish Canada’s first University Degree in Brand Communication at Wilfrid Laurier’s School of Business & Economics. He commisisioned and contributed to two books: “Excellence in Brand Communication”, edited by David Rutherford and “Vulcans, Earthlings, and Marketing ROI” by David Rutherford and Jonathan Knowles, to be published in 2007.

Rupert received the Paul Mulvihill Heart Award in 1988, an award presented annually in recognition of individuals in the Canadian advertising industry who have given of themselves to better the lives of others through their work with local or national charities or community services. In 1990, he was awarded the ACA Gold Medal Award for outstanding contribution to the advancement of marketing communications in Canada.”

Rupert is now one of the principal consultants at Ad ROI Inc.

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Ken Wong

Winner 2006

Queen's School of Business

Ken Wong is a faculty member at the Queen’s University School of Business in Kingston, Ontario, where he has held both teaching and administrative positions. He received his B.Comm. in 1975, and later his MBA from Queen’s, prior to a period of doctoral studies at the Harvard Business School.

In addition to his degree and non-degree teaching at Queen’s, he has also taught in degree programs at Carleton University, Radcliffe College, Cornell and Harvard’s Continuing Education Program, and in executive programs at York University, University of Toronto, Dalhousie University and the University of Alberta. He is the coauthor of Basic Marketing, one of the leading introductory textbooks in Canada.

In his most recent administrative assignment at Queen’s, he was a principal architect of the ‘MBA for Science & Technology,’ Canada’s first full-time degree program to operate completely outside of government subsidy, for which has was featured in an April 1994cover story in Canadian Business. (In its first seven years, this program was rated Canada’s #1 MBA by Canadian Business, and #1 among non-U.S. MBAs by Business Week magazine for the last two years).

As a researcher, Ken has worked with the Strategic Planning Institute (Cambridge, MA) and the Conference Board of Canada. His current research focuses on devices that assist organizations in becoming more ‘market-oriented’ and in enhancing their ‘marketing productivity.’

Ken has served as a marketing and strategic-planning consultant to a wide range of private corporations in such industries as financial services, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, technology and mining. He has also served as a Strategic Advisor to the Ontario Ministry of Education and Training; on various local, provincial and federal government task forces; and on the Community Editorial Board of the Kingston Whig-Standard newspaper.

He is a frequent speaker and facilitator in conferences and executive development programs around the world, having worked with many of the most recognized names in Canadian business, as well as a variety of public agencies and associations. He writes the ‘Forethought’ monthly column in Marketing, and has also written for the Financial Post and the National Post.

Ken often assists on judging panels, most recently for the 2005 Canadian ‘Best 50′ competition (excellence in management), the 2004 ‘Canadian Entrepreneur of the Year’ and the 2001 Cassies (advertising).

He is former Chairman of the Board, PBB Global Logistics Inc and a member of a number of other Advisory Boards and Boards of Directors.

As a teacher, he has received numerous awards for his courses in strategic planning, marketing and business strategy. In 1998 he won the Financial Post’s Leaders in Management Education award, a lifetime achievement award for his work in undergraduate, MBA, and Executive Development programs. He is listed in the Canadian Who’s Who, and the International Who’s Who of Business Professionals.

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Dr. Alan Middleton

Winner 2005

Schulich School of Business, York University

I believe that being customer- and consumer-centered in business is the foundation for achieving business success in
providing goods and services that are of benefit to those customers and consumers. I found this profoundly democratic
and humbling. Arrogance and missteps in business come from either ignoring this or in believing that the business
person is in some way superior to the customer.”

Dr. Alan Middleton was born and educated in London, England, Alan Middleton graduated from the London University with a
B.Sc. Honours Sociology.

He began his career at J. Walter Thompson advertising agency in London. He subsequently moved to Toronto and ultimately
assumed the role of President at JWT subsidiary Enterprise Advertising and JWT Japan before being appointed Executive Vice
President and a Board Director of the worldwide company.

After leaving JWT, Alan earned his Ph.D. in Business Administration specializing in marketing at York University’s Schulich
School of Business. He served initially as assistant professor of Marketing and Associate Director International Executive
Development at Schulich, he later assumed the role of Executive Director, Division of Executive Development. Currently,
Alan serves as a marketing consultant for a range of clients including Bell Canada, Manulife Financial, Molson
International, Pfizer Warner-Lambert and Quaker Canada.

“Marketing requires discipline, creativity, and accountability. It is a tough blend to get right. We have too often seen
creativity for its own sake with no impact on results, we have too often seen discipline overwhelm a creative spark, and
very rarely has marketing accepted responsibility for measurable business results.”

Alan has worked successfully with an enormous range of marketing and advertising professionals in a career which has seen
his insightful and practical analysis adopted by professional marketers and students of the profession.

Alan is a co-founder of the Canadian Advertising Success Stories (‘Cassies’). He has also published several written works
including “Advertising Works” co-authored with John Dalla Costa and the report on “Improving Marketing Communications
Organizational Effectiveness” for the Association of Canadian Advertisers.

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